Can you guys give me some tips vs these hard matchups pls?

Hey guys, I'm playing a lot of WW jungle because I enjoy jungling and WW is a fairly straightforward champ. Others have said since he's mechanically simple it's good for learning jungle. So far I'm doing okish on him and there's some matchups where I've learnt how to exploit their weaknesses and shut them down (weak early junglers mainly like Yi and Kindred). Other matchups are giving me a tough time however. These are Trynda jungle, Rengar jungle, Renekton jungle (only seen once) and Yasuo just simply being on the enemy team. I find that Rengar is pretty strong and I think Rengar players have good pathing since I find him difficult to track, so playing passive is my only option. If I go ham it results in me inting, and I can never 1v1 him (he destroys me and can walk my jungle). I find Rengar sometimes hides in the bush by my buff waiting for me too, ugh (cheesed me a couple times like that). On a matchup where I played completely passive I was still horribly behind because I could barely farm and couldn't gank (due to lanes being behind, and me not knowing his location and worrying about counter gank). Trynda just scales horribly. Has great attack speed, movement speed and regen. Can't 1v1 and I find him difficult to deal with during team fights. Again I play passive and can do ok, but I'm not sure where to focus my efforts so he doesn't end up snowballing. Renekton I found was higher damage, similar CC and more tanky. Even tho I tracked the dude easy, my first attempt to ambush him in his jungle failed as he had great escape tools, the second resulted in me dying (and that's how I learnt not to 1v1 him). He wasn't too difficult to deal with later game but I'm not sure how I'm meant to deal with him from a jungling perspective. Yasuo... well we all know what happens with Yasuo mains. They get kills and snowball out of control. I find him almost impossible to gank due to his escape tools and potential to 1v2 me and the other laner. Later on they also always build GA so they can resurrect IF by some chance we manage to kill them once. He usually just ends up dashing around me and I can't hit nor escape him. Tips please :) Rn I feel like after he gets to a certain point he's out of control. I can only handle him by using R and letting my team focus him, but then they blow ult, he resses and just runs riiiight back (if he doesn't already have GA). Thanks in advance
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