why is cho'gath so bad

have they planned anything to buff him because is realy bad there is no point to play him over a lot of champ .He's countered or useless against most of the top lanner (and most of the cast) . A tank ? my ass . there are way better tank than him who provide more utility such as maokai well you can try to play with ap but good luck , for sure you will do good damage but your not tanky at all (and if it's to play an ap champ there way better than cho) even if your feast can deal a lot of damage it's not realy dangerous if your opponent are not braindead , you will just get stun until you die and you will never be able to get close enought to use your ult it's a late game champ but if his early is bad it's over you wont do anything so if you have some tips or advice on him i will take it because actualy i'm realy tired to play him even if i love him there is no point to play him .Even when i win i feel like i did nothing i was just a meat shield of 6000hp +i'm if you can advise me another champ similar to him (be not trash as him) i take it gladly
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