What I expected from League and what really happened.

Hi. I'm actually not new to League. I've played it quite a lot (on and off) since season 1. I stopped playing League about year or bit more ago, but I stuck watching some League videos from Shaclone, NightBlue etc. All these fun plays and fun experience they were having made me try League out myself again. So I created a new account and started going. I was expecting the start to be rough and see some inexperienced players, some toxic players, etc, but because I knew I've played the game before, I would soon be matched against people that are "my level". This, unfortunately did not happen. I had some good games, but I mostly felt tired after every game of League and I felt like I was pressured by my teammates to carry them too much. Then there were games that completely destroyed me. Ones where my teammates (bronze V - Silver (at max)) "smurfs" started showing their inner challenger. This means they DESTROYED the games for me and others on my team. They refused to communicate, instead they were only toxic and flamed, blamed entire game. They often fed the enemies to the point, where it was impossible to beat them with just playing better than them. They lacked knowledge on: what to do after team fights; how to take objectives; how to behave, when you're behind; how to work as a team; etc. This COMPLETELY DESTROYED my experience with League and made me frustrated and at two occasions even (slightly) toxic, which ended up my account being restricted. Right now I'm seriously considering, if League deserves my attention or not. The game is fun and all, but it's fairly impossible to enjoy it, when so many unintelligent half brained monkey turds are allowed on the internet, specially on online competitive games like League. EDIT: Thing I HATE about League: I have to wait ~10-15 minutes in a queue to get into a normal game mode match.
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