Hecarim mains, what do you think Riot should do to his kit to make him more relevant in the meta?

A few months ago they increased his W's healing by 10%. Everyone on Reddit disapproved and were like "this is a small buff disguised as a major buff". It was a nice change, but still small compared to his previous W which allowed him to heal for an unlimited amount depending on the damage dealt. In the PBE they recently increased his Q's AD ratio and base damage, and still, everyone seemed unimpressed that it's not enough. His base AD and armor is decent, but he still can't 1v1 early or anywhere around that time period until he gets his first core {{item:3078}} which also happens to be the most expensive item in the game, not to mention other necessities {{item:1001}} {{item:1401}} It's nice to know that Hecarim's weakness in the current meta is under Riot's radar, but what change would impress you? Considering the fact that we live in a meta of {{champion:104}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:11}}{{champion:141}} and scuttle competitions.
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