Nerf Mordekaiser or change how his ult functions

Passive nerfs are coming on PBE which is good but there is one frustrating issue with his ult. NOTHING that exist on reality comes to death realm. That makes sense but from a gameplay perspective if you time it right you can sometimes literally unarm a champion with it. How? Simple Imagine you're playing someone like Ornn or Irelia,you're dueling and everything is chill. You almost beat him just need to cast your ult to finish it off. You press r and you see Irelia throwing a hail of blades but just at that moment Mordeakiser ults and poof your ult is gone,you lose the duel then he proceeds to smack your entire team because you gave him a lead. Now take someone like Yorick,Illaoi,Ivern for example. Yeah you're dueling again,you almost got him woooo,you ult and summon the gang/bff/tentacles but just at then,Mordekaiser ults. He ults and your main source of damage is gone, because he ulted you not anyone or anything else. Then you watch as the metal storm from his passive shreds you to pieces because there is nothing to be done. He "outplayed" you. Can you make it so that Mordekaiser's ult only brings the target's "summons/projectiles/pets"? It feels so unfair to lose a big chunk of your power just because of his ult. You're probably going to say "buy QSS!". Well buddy let me tell you something. Maybe you can as a jungler,midlaner or as an adc. But most of the toplaners cannot afford to delay their powerspikes like that. Toplane really is an island and toplaners need every ounce of power they can get to compete with the opposing ADC. If you do get a QSS when winning,that's ok but when you are not strong or losing,that's the final nail in the coffin for you. Hell,alot of toplaners cannot even utilize QSS properly because what it builds into is not compatible with half the roster. During Behind the Screens Mordekaiser video I remember Rioters saying they don't want Mordekaiser's ultimate to be a death sentence that you have to watch. Sorry to break it to you but it feels like that atm. Running away isn't a good choice since he will permaslow you with his passive+{{item:3116}} or pull you in with E. Unless you are actually playing something strong enough to duel Mordekaiser in Death Realm,his ult is an actual death sentence. Is there a way for you to change or tweak this ultimate a little so it doesn't feel like a prison?
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