i dont know why people are saying illaoi is op

she is legit mid-high tier at best. * Pros: * a lot of aoe damage * can potentially force a player to disengage * has a nice wave clear * potentially has a good aoe ult (if it has the correct team setup) * has an average lane phase depending on the matchup * incredibly tanky at late game * scary to gank as she can potentially 1v2 if her lane oppenent screwed up * does a lot of damage for a tank * Cons: * slow as hell especially her abilites they all require a team for her to actually hit her abilities * her tentacles are terrible vs high mobility champs and high range champs * she requires a second champ or more to setup her ult as she doesnt have any cc to set it up herself * incredibly predictable gap closer making her one of the easiest champs to kite * needs to setup all fights around her tentacles or she does no damage (so if a smart enemy is cautious and fights around them then she is useless) * any champ with an AA cancel can kill those tentacles with no effort * she has morde syndrome. so if she pushes too hard in lane she has to burst flash or die because she is too slow to get away from ganks * camping her lane kills her only good thing about her lane phase. This is just my opinion on the champ. I think she is perfectly balanced so if a good team works together then she can be great but if you have a soloq fever team with master yi jungle and zed mid then i really dont recommend playing this champ at all as she is terrible in soloplay as she literally requires a team to be built around her kit. Yeah sure she can pressure a lane but if you go vs a high cc and good jungler champ like lee sin or xin then you are just going to get destroyed or forced off your farm at all times and if the enemy laner is smart they will try to freeze their farm near turret at all times Personally i think she is a Mid-high tier at the moment. Strong if correctly setup but as a stand alone champ she isn't that great I will set up a poll to see what people think about her but from experience I have never felt that the champ was the reason i lost or won I think she is good but not good enough to be classed as "broken" I personally just think people dont have a lot of experience vs her and jump in too deep and get themselves caught by the spooky tentacles and start blaming something for them screwing up and thats ofc an easy target right? a new champ? must be broken xD but i really dont think that is true
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