Which item is better for Splitpush?

Hey guys, I am playing ADC and jungle. I love playing marksmans. But carry with marksman and fighters is too hard assasian meta but still playable if has good farm. I think that. But I don't know which item for best for split push. I am listing my champs for split push; {{champion:48}}{{champion:18}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:245}}{{champion:17}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:203}} I am going tank, critic or attack speed. {{item:3077}} {{item:3085}}(maybe {{item:3087}} ) this two items which items I buy absolutely. (no item for Ekko or Shyvana because farming abilities). But which items hitting turrets more damage I don't know. {{item:3078}} or {{item:3153}}. I buy this two items only Ezreal even I didn't buy Ruined King to Irelia or Gangplank. Which is better for pushing?
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