Snowday Singed Snowtrail INVISIBLE?!

I dont know about you, but I cannot see anything. I just played a game as Singed with his Snowday skin and his snow was barely visible!!! I dont know who was the genius behind this horrible move because, I (like probably over 65% of the community) am COLORBLIND!!!! And you want to know the worst part?! I have color blind mode ACTIVATED!!!! And I cannot see His snowtrail, and that´s not all. Technically, I cannot differentciate certain types of red, greens and even certain blues, and for some odd reason, I cannot see the snowtrail which is suppose to be white. ___ Im going to get a lot of hate here, but the fact that I cannot see his snowtrail, with colorblind mode on, means that someone clearly doesnt understand what the term clarity means. Its one of the core philosophies in the game, CLARITY, and here I have some almost invisible snow... Riot come on...
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