Riot wanted to make URF *better* and *fair* with All Random, sadly its worse then blind pick

It really is, all the unfairness of random pick is just insane. The moment the enemy got a champion like Evelynn, Blitz or Xin and your team gets Janna Rammus and all the Glass Cannons that have the least best synergy with URF the whole game is GG and there arent even bans, its not even worth the effort to press the play button. When it was normal blind pick atleast i could go with Renekton, Anivia and Nautilus because i enjoyed going with them but now i cant get one single champion that i want to go with. Sure i win sometimes but even than i'm not having fun because i cant play the champions i bought just for URF, i bought Trundle, Leona, the new Yorick, Rek' Sai and Fiddle just to play and waited 7 months or more and yet i did not get any of them once. This game mode was a lot more fun with blind pick. Atleast you could have given us **BOTH** blind pick and All Random so that i people can choose what mode to play and play the champions we want, even if it means to go vs Zed, Lux, Ezreal and Blitz in every match because i'm still going to have fun with the champions i want to play. It really shouldn't be that hard to program this small feature in to the game.
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