Riot is constantly being hypocrites

So, farming junglers haven't been meta in a very long time, so when people complained about early game junglers, and ganks, and junglers literally not having to farm at all to get ahead, Riot decided to do something about this... What did they do? They nerfed the exp gained from camps. What happens next? This is my analysis, but basically, all junglers that are supposed to farm more, and gank less are useless now. Early game junglers will prioritize ganking, but gold funneling got nerfed, which affected the amount of gold and exp you get from minions, so not only is taxing not a viable option, but just farming your own jungle is not an option either. So basically, you want to gank as much as you can, inbetween taking some camps here or there. This will push even more people to play early game junglers, and Ivern. This will result in more people being upset about constant ganks, which will then lead to jungle changes once again, just like every other season. When this happens, farming simulator junglers will be overpowered, and junglers will just farm camps until they can 1v5, just like with Wriggles lantern in season 4. So, Riot said they wanted Irelia to be a toplaner, but nerfing the extra damage against shields, the disarm for her ulti, and buffing the damage on her R. How is that bad? Well for starters, the disarm was not even relevant in the midlane, but much more effective in toplane, same is the damage against shields (Sion, Urgot, Steraks, to name a few) Now, I don't think you play play Irelia top vs a Sion, and think "oh boy, this is so good, now that my extra damage against shields are gone, and the disarm too, for the cost of doing a little bit more damage to that Sion on my ult, what a trade guys, we certainly deserved this buff". It's more like "oh, im vs a mage, well good thing my ult does more damage, for the cost of disarm (which I dont need against mages btw) and also, the bonus damage against shields (which I also don't need)" you see how stupid this is? Riot wants Irelia to go top, but nerfs her, and everything that is good about top Irelia, and then instead switching her duel potentional to be better at mid. Another bad thing about this season is, they made a preseason patch, but then patches the game again in the beginning of season 9, WHILE releasing a new champion. Another fun thing that has happened was the Q buff to Galio, which they hotfixed, then they buffed his Q damage again, and now they are nerfing his Q damage. now, I am a jungle main, but nevermind that we all knew what the community thought about the adc changes. We all wanted it to be reverted, this would've been a great preseason patch, but no, not even do we get it in early season 9, so now what will happen is, they will do something about crit items a few months after season 9 started, and it will feel like a whole new season. Am I the only one seeing the problems in this? A season is about a year long, so why would you then go on about changing things in the middle, when you could've changed it in the preseason. Why can't Riot just take the blame, and for once revert something? They always find new ideas that are just "meh", instead of just going back. TL;DR: Jungle changes will make early game junglers dominate even harder, and gank more, however Riot probably wanted junglers to actually farm a bit more than gank all the time. Riot wants Irelia to be a toplaner, but nerfs everything that would make her a better toplaner.

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