Improve this game please

Dear Riot. Why on every server draft pick is available 24/7 while on EUNE it is not ?? Here s a typical situation. You can play draft pick from 1 to 1. This is not good for people who enjoy playing normals.... In another stage of the day where draft pick isn't available you must go to the good old blind pick. . I say mid and i m first or top and in 95% of the games a yasuo main or a kata main appears to having joined the lobby way after i ve said mid and just spam mid mid mid and go mid. Even worse, in some cases you can have a kata main and a yas main in the same team and if you are again first on your lane they go with you no matter that bot lane is open.. On draft pick i ve seen a thing like this like in 1 of 20 games. A guy is autofilled supp and goes jg or other lane but most of the time if it is an autofill he pick supp no matter if it's not a supp champ. So my question is-Can you make draft pick available at any time ? At least do this because we all know that you won't balance the game and a tank can be unkillable and he can deal so much damage that you don't even expect.
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