is there a way to limit YASUO by mana or energy?

these are my pesonal thoughts , pls do not flame / insult me in the comments , but feel free to tell me what you think and maybe give me advices. there are a lot of manaless champions like katarina , garen , tryndamere , but yasuo is a little different . these manaless champions are kinda weak in lane so they seem a little balanced with only cooldowns limitations , but yasuo is such a bully in lane , his wave clear is one of the best , his earlygame is disgusting , his midgame is disgusting , and so his lategame , and on top of that two of his abilities have no cooldowns. the champions that can push out the wave so fast like (irelia , darius , kayle) are limited by mana , if they push so hard that ; you (the one facing them) miss a lot of cs , they tend to run out of mana , and so you can roam , or put some wards in the jungle or base . but yasuo can just push the wave forever , litterally , you either kill him with or without your jungler , or you never roam , you never back , you just farm undertower with no mana wishing for yasuo to back . personally I tend to farm vs yasuo with my abilities which cost some mana , since there are few champions that can 1V1 yasuo earlygame , aka energy champions (zed , akali) , at certain time , I find myself out of mana , I find myself obliged to base which denies me so much mana and xp , or wait for him to back to buy some items . I thought maybe limiting him by energy or something would be a little fair , Idk maybe I'm wrong but I just need to play 2times more attentif agaisnt yasuo's , I just hate playing against him (I love playing him though ) and whenever I 1V1 a friend he just picks yasuo in the ARAM map and it's lost for me xd , so I tend to pick yasuo by myself to win . PS 1 : if you think there is a counter to yasuo 1V1 in ARAM map tell me pls PS 2 : (I think zed and akali are the best by far )
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