Master Yi "overpowered" (?)

So I've had a game and it was going p well until the {{champion:11}} and {{champion:67}} got fed. (Vayne had a good early but then she screwed up and I could kill her quite a few times.) Even tho I did build some armor (I was playing {{champion:55}} ) I felt like I did negative damage to the {{champion:11}} (I could one shot ANYONE except him). He wasn't building any MR just attack speed, crit and AD. I was waiting for his Q to go off so he can't avoid my damage but that didn't help either. I told my team to focus the {{champion:11}} and leave the {{champion:67}} to me but he literally slided through my team like a knife through butter and as he reached me he just Q auto attacked me and I was dead. So the next teamfight we were ALL focusing {{champion:11}} yet he still got a penta just by right clicking. I'm not trying to flame or anything but am I the only one who feels like {{champion:11}} is kinda busted right now ? I mean even tho I was fed to I couldn't do sh*t against him because he did waaaaaaaay too much damage. So the question is: Is a fed Yi really that strong or am I just simply too bad to kill him ? Is it worth banning him in future? If you decide to comment, please do not start flaming or being toxic. It's a simple question, no big deal. {{sticker:katarina-love}}
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