To make the jungle more intressting we need the spirit wolf back

#Spirit Wolf The spirit wolf will spawn after you kill the wolf camp as a jungler, the spirit will remain until the wolf camp respawns. ##Some rules: * The spirit will only spawn when you kill the wolf camp on your side of the jungle. * As a jungler you need to have smite & a jungle item to make the spirit spawn. * Every time you kill the wolf camp the wolf spirit gets stronger ##Levels: * **Base:** The spirit is just an orb giving vision over the wolf camp. If it detects an enemy champion it pings on the mini-map. * **1st upgrade:** The second time you kill it the spirit patrols near the wolf camp. If he spot an enemy champion he follows him up to a certain range from the jungle camp. * **2th upgrade:** The 3th time the wolf can auto attack when he follows an enemy champion. Every time the wolf lands an auto the enemy get's revealed for 2 seconds. * **3th upgrade:** The 4th time you kill the wolf he will assist you with jungle camps on that side of the jungle. * **4th upgrade:** The 5th time you kill the wolf. The wolf will attack gromp when he spawns. He just doesn't like the guy. The exp & gold get's transfered to you. * **5th & higher:** The wolf get's stronger dealing more damage with his auto's Enemies can stop him by auto attacking him 3 times. After the 3th hit he walks back to the wolf camp. If they want to kill him. They need a sweeper and kill his hidden 4th health. ##Concept The idea behind this version of the spirit wolf is that he would provide some vision inside your jungle for farm heavy junglers while also making vertical jungle harder. Counter jungling can be rewarded by slowing down the wolf upgrades & so delaying your wolf from his gromp solo in the mid to lategame.
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