Can we talk about Xin Xhao?

Like from the epidemic of time, Xin is been a pain the ars for me, I'm a relatively new player so I can expect people to give me sarcastic shit and call me a %%%%% for crying on here but for people who can actually understand this, can we talk about this? Like who the f*ck gives someone CC on a auto attacking? All he has to do is build attack speed and Exhaust used to counter that but oh well, Frozen heart, or armor / magic resist seems pointless when you can't even run away from that dude, he has a slow, a knock up for just auto attacking, he gets 100% crit for auto attacking, he gets Tanky for getting on his opponents face and pressing R (Spoiler alert, they're literally running for their life because they can't do anything) Mages need to build Zhonias hour glass first, (because) you build full tank, 3 armor items and 3 magic resist items, HE STILL KILLS YOU WITHIN MOMENTS, Can we honestly change that? It's really really not fun playing against him, I do everything I could possibly do on a game with Xin but he still out scales hard because balance, His kit overall has more Pros than cons, there's no specific way to counter him by yourself so if you're in the jungle warding and he invades, or you're the jungle lr clearing raptors, Good luck because your flash is on a CD and/or you're going to stare at a black and white screen.
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