8.4 Opinion so far. Heavily Disappointed as a Mordekaiser main

Hey guys! Been a while since i said anything on the boards because i never really had a reason to voice my opinion however since Season 8 as a Mordekaiser main i have been just disappointed or frustrated with Riot games Balancing decisions. been playing the game since season 2 and i can safely say that season 8 changes are by far Riot Games biggest mistakes so far when it comes to a top lane perspective anyways and tbh the mid/late game is a complete shambles as well. First let me explain why i am disappointed in 8.4 I was expecting a lot of core builds changed to certain ap bruiser champs and tbh ap champions in general so that diversity and overall viability would increase however i cant say for most ap champs but for the ones that i play these changes actually hurt them more than it did help them. I plan on making another post explaining why i feel the current changes made to Season 8 are a terrible idea for Top laners but thats a discussion for another time as it will take another big post to fully explain Lets start with {{item:3285}} this bad boy used to be one of the best items to buy on Mordekaiser it synergised with {{item:3151}} perfectly and gave Morde an incredible amount of damage, However they have decided to completely take away what was good about it for champs like Mordekaiser by removing its movement speed and lowered the AP whilst giving it stats that mordekaiser simply doesn't need in the slightest lowering his lane phase trade damage and his late game spike power as well. Now a lot of people are probably gonna say "just build {{item:3907}} it sounds even better" well now i need to explain why you are wrong. This Item is beyond terrible for lane phase like honestly its garbage on lane phase (not for everyone) but for champs like morde who simply dont have super low cool downs and can only use spells when the time is right you are most likely NEVER going to get those 100 stacks until mid game and by that point its a useless active because your frontline is gonna be able to help you stick to the enemy anyways. so really you are using the active for a bonus ap spike for a couple of seconds and that is literally it. so basically Morde just lost a shit ton of Movement speed and early game damage he originally used to have and that will hurt him a lot honestly in the long run because he becomes even easier to punish like the stormraiders removal was hard enough now you are gonna take the last bit of movement speed he had riot? might as well just remove boots and make his life even more miserable. I feel like Riot almost went in the right direction just made terrible choices was all like dont get me wrong some of the items changes were amazing like liandries and Morello and the last item im gonna talk about {{item:3905}} Im so happy this item is back like this item is a great early game item for Morde because it gives bonus movespeed (not as good as ludens) and some extra cdr for better sustain early game HOWEVER it quickly falls off into mid game simply because the AP is just really poor 60 AP is not great but i understand why its like that because i know the slightest buff and every mage will run that shit its just a shame that instead of just having ludens i now have to run something similar but just a lot weaker to even attempt to secure kills in lane phase now Thats my opinion so far as a Morde main like im sure the changes in 8.4 helped someone else a lot out there but for me it was a kick in the balls honestly like sure they gave me a slightly stronger rylais and a good late game item which is liandries but Mordekaisers lane is whats really struggling right now. after stormraiders removal he has been sitting at a 47% rate because he has completely lost what was even the slightest bit good in his lane phase like i dont see his winrate increasing or dropping that much it will either stay at 47% or increase a lil bit to 48% for actually having a viable late game now as they removed his early spike ludens damage and replaced it for weaker ghosties but made his scaling overall better? even though thats not what the issue was in the first place
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