Possible URF solutions ( please read )

so am making the thread to highlight the problems with each mode and share my thoughts URF : some champions are way outta control and that what makes people complain , but they forget that thats the point behind URF its supposed to be chaotic and broken ARURF : . you dont get the champions you want and sometimes you get useless champions/champions you dislike . some matches are one sided since you just might be unlucky and you team gets shitty picks while the enemy gets the better picks and thus there is no way of winning snowdown ARURF : . lower champion pool , this means less variety and less fun also some champions are almost in every game ( looking at you {{champion:105}} and {{champion:39}} ) . forced summoner spells , the snowball is nice but after a while it gets boring and the fact that i cant pick some thing else if didnt want it makes it worse * . common issue with both modes : tryhards ! yep these guys ruin the fun my solution : * . bring back the old URF but with 10 bans system this way if there some champions you cant handle wont be in your game * . also another way is to limit the pick of certain champions for each player E.G : you can pick fizz once every 3-4 games * . REWORK URF ! : remove the nexus ! thats right there wont be any winning/losing teams ( this solves the tryhard issue ) its just straight up bar fight you go in and you beat the crap outta the other guy , this also will need to introduce new game mechanics such as : 1 - timed match , there is no nexus so how can the game end ? , well the match will have a time limit and after the time expires the match will end 2 - the Equalizer , so your team is getting his butt kicked , enemy team is super fed and they pushed all the way to your fountain and now you are all trapped in your own fountain solution ? you vote for the equalizer this will make your team on par with enemy team it will give your team the gold difference between your team and the enemy , also for every ally tower destroyed an enemy "twin tower" will be destroyed also it will activate protection spell that will damage all enemy champions within your base , the spell will take 20 seconds to be activated ( so enemy team can get out ) and after the activation it will last 15 seconds - to explain the "twin tower" here is an example your bot outer tower is destroyed so the equalizer will destroy enemy outer bot tower so thats it .. please let me know what you think {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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