Zoe Nerfs - Good or Bad?

As much as one shotting people is fun (and a great way to relieve life stress) it seems fair to nerf Zoe's Q dmg and her E CDR However, yet another spell had been removed from her W As frustrating as it is for her to get one more TP than you... Isn't that the whole point of the spell? That is what makes her W unique and yet another spell had been removed cause players are trying to find something else wrong with Zoe. She'll eventually just get a few flashes every game and that'll be it. Her W is unique because it bent around the rules and even the rules are now dominant over her W. Yes, I agree with the Q nerf because everyone was getting annoyed over it, but the W was fine. It's what made Zoe unique to others and taking that away bit by bit is kinda removing the random fun from the spell. Anyway - I hope this doesn't carry on - it'd be good to have a Rioter comment to explain a good reason why but... What can I do? 😂 Nice skin for Jarven 4 btw 😉
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