Rotating game modes

When they announced this I was super hyped, a new game mode every weekend, but ever since they announced this it has been like 5-6 game modes that have been in rotation. They just forgot some game modes were even created. We keep getting these boring ones like Ascension, the Thresh thingy, and worst of all Nexus siege. Doom bots are fine and URF is fantastic, but I would simply like to play some of the game modes you keep forgetting. We haven't had Nemesis in like 2 years, One for all either. And my personal favorite Hexakill was last on a year ago. Who even wants Ascension anymore? It's boring. You took Dominion off, but keep shoving this every month. I don't see that type of gamemode becoming a staple so can we get Hexakill, One for all or Nemesis anytime soon?
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