Why is the game getting shorter?

It's not a good thing, 10 bans, new runes (extra damage, less defence), baron and elder buffs... these changes have effected the game negatively and I'll explain why. Going to 10 bans to shorten the pre game was a really bad idea imo as it's just less interactive, there's much less thought that can be put into 10 bans. New runes added a lot of damage and took away a lot of defence. This makes the game snowball harder. Baron and Elder buffs just make it so that if you get snowballed on, you're guaranteed to lose the game. I was playing the game hoping Irelia would be tweaked to go back to toplane, but now there's the "Chaos meta" and I'm completely alienated. The game had a niche as the moba where games didn't snowball super hard and you could be losing but pull back a win if you win a teamfight as the enemy team never got too far ahead. Now I may aswell just play another moba with a more stable meta. I just stick to this one because I've spent so much time trying to learn the game. If the game was put back to the position it was before 10 bans, it would be so much more interactive and engrossing to play. I've decided to take a break until the "chaos meta" dies down as having Irelia played everywhere... Seeing reworked Irelia getting 60,000 Q resets and trinity procs whilst having a damage reduction ability making her unkillable while have a very powersful ult just frustrates me. Also Taric mid is at a 57.5% w/r on op.gg due to Taric boosting strats and Vladimir, Yasuo and Swain are top 10 for ADC's on op.gg... The game isn't something I enjoy at the moment. I don't think anyone can say "it is more fun to play on the losing team now than it was in season 7". "Go next" was popularised in pre season 8 and season 8 because that's all you can say when you're losing now. TL; DR: Maintaining leads has become too easy. Getting back into the game when playing on the back foot is impossible. The game is far less interactive now. The focus on making the game go from 1hr to 30min avg queue to queue time is sucking all the life out of the game
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