You %%%%ing matchmaking and system disgusts me

Ok, I've been in the 99-97LP about 7 times . And after that I lose the game which will lead me to promos. WELL, I lost again . Why the Heck I'm with 2 people on their placements ? Look [here ]( I can't play League without people like that . I carry most of my games and take objectives and gank when I can and help when I can . But I end up losing like nothing ? Can I please have one game when all the team do well ? I always get shits. On the game I lost with Hecarim I got an idiot Anivia inted because I took MY BLUE when I was fed and she was 2/4 doing nothing . Fix your game . We're done with you . I'm %%%%ing silver who plays everything correct and still on silver . %%%% off and get me out of here. I'm with machines not people .
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