Misconceptions of League, and why you are not climbing.

UPDATE - PLEASE SEE HERE FOR PART 2 https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/u7H6A3u9-misconceptions-pt2-proof-that-solo-queue-is-99-skill-100-games-climbing-challenge-from-bronze-4 I AM DOING 100 GAMES FROM BRONZE 4 START, PLAYING SUPPORT SONA ONLY IF YOU WANT TO WATCH THE REPLAYS ADD ME ON EUW OR TYPE MY NAME IN THE PLAYER SEARCH TO SEE MY PROFILE WHERE YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE REPLAYS FROM MY MATCH HISTORY THANKS! ----------------------------------------- So i have spent 2 days discussing with lower ranked players (mainly silver gold) who are openly disillusioned about Matchmaking, LP and the way in which rank is calculated and rewarded in League of Legends. Also i want to cover why the game is Toxic, why people get hard stuck and various myths and theories which are worryingly prevalent still in the community. I have decided to make this thread to explain the above, since having 10 conversations and explaining cross ways isn't helping me get any main structured points across to enough people. **WHAT DEFINES SKILL IN LEAGUES MATCHMAKING AND RANKING SYSTEM?** There is only 1 indicator, and that is killing the Nexus. If you beat the enemy, whatever you did that game, no matter how messy, worked. Your k/d/a, CS, ward score, damage etc are irrelevant, they literally do not matter. The objective of the game is to kill the Nexus before the enemy kills yours. There is no other reliable or accurate way to gauge your skill based on numbers obtained from the finished game. So the only way to gain LP is to kill the Nexus. Never assume stats mean you did better or worse than team mates. **WHY CANT RIOT ADJUST LP BASED ON INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE** Because League is a team based game, balanced around champions items and objectives. There is no way to reliably measure your impact by stats, because the game cannot tell if your 50 wards were placed in innovative and tactical spots or spammed in the fountain. Every stat can be abused from KS'ing, dirty farming through to abandoning winnable fights to restrict deaths. Also champions by design will lean towards being relevant at different times in the game, we all know of weak and strong early game champs. If the game ends at 20 minutes, then the late game scaling champs on your team will likely have BAD stats. Whereas your early game champion who easily got 7 kills didn't necessarily play well despite having numbers to brag about. Assuming nobody went AFK or trolled, everyone has a job to do. And learning the game means learning to help late game champs scale by feeding and protecting them. **I CANNOT CLIMB BECAUSE THE SYSTEM MATCHES ME WITH BAD PLAYERS** This is a multi faceted answer 1 - When you start playing ranked you have a secret MMR (matchmaking rating) value, which increases or decreases when you win/lose. Neither you or riot knows your exact skill level, and the purpose of the system is to eventually gather enough data to position you below higher skill and above lower skill. So after maybe 100 games you will be roughly at a level where you are playing people who are just as good as you are, meaning you win as much as you lose. 2 - MYTH: RIOTS SYSTEM IS DESIGNED TO FORCE PEOPLE DOWN TO A 50% WIN RATE, THIS MEANS YOU CANNOT CLIMB. THEREFORE RIOT GIVES ME BAD TEAMS TO STOP ME HAVING WIN STREAKS No... you will climb if you can beat the people you are matched against. You only stop climbing when you lose as many games as you win. This is where you land at your current level of real skill. If you literally played yourself 1000 times, you would win roughly 500 of those games. 50%... Riot are not making you lose games, or giving you bad team mates. They are ratcheting up your MMR as you progress and slowing down as you lose games. 3 - being at your skill level means of course you stop climbing. This gives people the feeling that they are HARD STUCK. You can grind 1000 games and not move, and naturally people ask the question... why am i still stuck? Psychologists will explain that people are inherently bias when it comes to appraising their own ability, and also downplay their inability to perform complex tasks, especially those which they are passionate about. This leads people to assume that they cannot climb because the SYSTEM, or the FEEDERS, or the PICKS from their team are to blame. In reality you are where you currently belong, and blaming the above often leads to TOXICITY. People flame and blame, int, AFK in response to their own inability to win games, because they perceive all of the fault to lie outside of their hands. And yes i have literally spent 2 days hearing from people convinced that League is a coin flip, and has nothing to do with skill. Despite this players being bronze, silver, gold and plat... yet all stuck at different specific skill levels... because the game chose to stick them there. Or... that each of them is at the place where the bad players live. Yes logically when you contrast their stories, it makes no sense. In reality - everyone gets stuck somewhere. **THE RANKED SYSTEM IS BROKEN AND NEEDS REPLACING** If the following statement is false, then i agree that the current system is broken and should be fixed- _BRONZE PLAYERS ARE BETTER THAN IRON, SILVER ARE BETTER THAN BRONZE, GOLD ARE BETTER THAN SILVER, PLAT ARE BETTER THAN GOLD...and so on_ If you can find me an example of a high Elo players regularly getting stuck in low elo, then i will agree the system is broken. Until then, i think the ladder WORKS at doing its job of sorting players based on skill. **YOU EITHER GET CARRIED OR YOUR TEAM FEEDS** You cannot control 4 people on your team, stop trying to tell them what to do. Mute them if you have too. NEVER ARGUE WITH ANYONE It is a well known fact than in over 50 years of the internets existence, nobody has EVER won an argument. It is absolutely futile to ever convince anybody that they are wrong about any subject, even when you have a mountain of proof. Nobody in solo queue will ever stop and say 'You sir are correct, and i bow down to your mastery of this game' IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WASTE ANY TIME TYPING JUST PLAY THE GAME AND IGNORE THE PETTY INSULTS Even 4 amazing players can have a bad game, in your promos. There is no way to avoid such experiences as 3 lanes feeding. Worry about your own gameplan, look at what the enemy is doing. Check their items, check their runes, learn as much as you can about their champs. understand how they apply damage... is it burst? is it DPS? are they attack speed? Crit? Have they got healing/lfesteal champs? Everything has a counter in items, learn to be dynamic ask your team nicely to build items which counter a fed team. Mitigating the losses is how you climb. You will always have comparatively bad players if you are below your skill level. That means the enemy and your team, abuse this. **WHAT CAN I ACTUALLY DO TO IMPROVE, AND WHO THE F$%K ARE YOU ANYWAY?** Im just a Sona OTP from EUW. I was D3 before the s10 reset and my highest rank was a modest 18,000/3.5m. I am not saying i am amazing at this game, i am definitely not. But what strategies helped me more than anything? These are all EQUALLY important. 1 - playing as many ranked games as i could find time for. 2- playing solo 3- playing easy champs with reliable spells, avoiding high skill champs 4- sticking to as few champs as possible, 3 max, mainly 1 in my case 5- muting team mates when they start flaming/arguing 6- never worrying about early game. The game is decided by team fights 7- learning as much about champions, items, interactions, game systems as possible. JUST READ LOLWIKI PAGES UNTIL YOU KNOW EVERYTHING 8- experiment with builds and items, learn your main champions inside out, learn how smooth build paths are and understand your gold income 9- practice mechanics, learn how much damage you can take, how much damage you can do have a solid feel for what you are capable of achieving 10- clean up your mechanics 11- improve your mechanics 12- push your mechanics Every role has to do something mechnical constantly. Jg has to farm camps, so practice clearing and find ways to get ahead. Laners have to CS, so farm in practice mode and aim for score with doran and AA's whilst poking a dummy Supports need to learn to poke/engage safely and effectively. TRADING is huge. LEARN EVERY MATCH UP AND HOW TO TRADE AS EFFICIENTLY AS POSSIBLE Learn to dodge abilities, read spell animations, keep an eye on enemy mana, enemy levels, and approximate their level xp in your mind. The more you know the more power you have to make good decisions in a split second. The above all compounds into you becoming a solo-queue monster. I will not be debating anymore here, because it took up a few days of my time for not much productive output. But i hope it results in a helpful post for all you guys out there. You can always add me for a chat on EUW. I might update this if i see a lot of comments bringing up things i missed.
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