How am i supposed to learn champions in normals.

So I play league quite competitively and I'm not the best at the game so when I want to practice a new role or try out new champion I go into normal games to try them out. But in normal games I am faced with troll supports on the enemy team like rammus and voli who just destroy me cause i'm squishy and they use exhaust and flash to get in range of their cc abilities so I can't do anything and my support never peels. Basically i play against troll and off meta picks (I understand that's the point of normals for some people) and therefore can't learn how to play champions the way I want to. How do i improve at kalista, if the enemy team trolls with rammus and voli support and I die over and over because my support is never there to peel? And if i try learning a champion in ranked I'm going to end up doing badly and my team flame me because I'm not good with that champion. Basically how did you learn new champions and roles with all the troll picks in normals?
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