Why am I getting such bad (literally 0) net lp gain in Silver 3?

1 win (+18 LP) 1 loss (-18 LP) and my LP goes straight back to 0, directly following a promotion too - it's near impossible to climb especially when games are decided a lot of the time by the capability of your teammates - even more so at lower ELO. I'm not an amazing player, I'll be the first to admit, but I don't feel like I'm hardstuck or unable to do well in any of my games. Previous years I was getting around 25 LP for a win and in the realms of -10 lp for a loss but now apparently I have to win 6 games straight in a row in order to have a chance of making any ranked progression. Honestly considering making a new account because I feel like mine is cursed - despite playing against plat players and winning in flex queue last year I still got placed in Silver 2. I know posting here won't resolve anything, more of a rant, but I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing similar issues. And no I'm not looking for coaching advice.
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