This is so unfair and tilting. I am support main (gold 2) and I just had an unranked ashe adc. She obviously went something like 0/9 in few minutes and she lost almost 100 cs to enemy adc. It is not even her fault. Most Golds have been playing this game for at least couple years (not all golds) and (most of them) have some basic understanding of the game, why most unranked players don't have the basic macro and mechanical skills that gold players have, even though Gold is considered low elo.. One game I am matched with platinum players and the other games I am getting unranked that simply get crushed in lose the game? It is bad not only for the players that play on the unranked player's team but for unranked player too. Often they get flamed and it may make them lose interest in playing ranked games in the future. What was the point in creating Iron elo if unranked players still get matched with Golds?
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