This is not League of Legends. Its another game.

From old league of legends to new league of legends ,everything is changing , the magic of the game is lost between these new fade images and animations and what ever it is , it suck to find that the old game is lossing itself in a new reworked game ,this game is like a new game from too many changes that are maded every year , the old league of legends ain't exist anymore, and the champion mechanics get more and more complex that make people more and more angry when playing this game . All those new clients, new runes, new healthbars they just feel like another game. What i want is to bring back old league and create another game where you add your new lagging client and new ugly healthbars. To clarify what I'm talking about here i feel the game started steering in bad direction in season 6 but it's the changes that have been made this season with the removal of masteries and adding in runes that is the biggest killer for me. I think this was just Riot's way of making the game more casual friendly to attract new players to the game but at the same time, it's driving away some players like myself We now have runes like magical footwear and biscuit delivery which just hand you things for free, things which you used to have to buy and work for before by farming well and getting gold from kills, towers. The old client was awesome. With removing it you kill people with weaker machines. I dont say stop updating game for people with gaming tech. Continiue supporting new client and make it even beutifull then its now. I love new client i do, but even with low spec mode still bug. So my idea is continiue to uppdate new client, make it even more beutifull without care people with weak computers and make guys with game machines 100% max good experience. You said its hard to support 2 clients, ok ok no problem, no one want suppoer old client. Just leave old client as a option for people with weak computers. I understand that with new client you want to mix quality with no lag for weak machines, but thats imposible. On one hand guys with gaming machines will have max experience with new client, and on other hand potato gamers will still have option for good client experience. The new healthbars looks like some crappy mobile legends sh*t . Just like why did they need to make new ones, old looked so much better. Does some1 agree with me? Hope they can change them back. Not gonna say how bad is the skin portains. Just make option to off ok? Its stupid to go in game with skin and see the skin in your HUD. Make option for back. BE system is so bad. I need 10 essence and need to wait for it. Uhh.
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