Jungle problems

theres been a noticeable problem with the jungle for season 7 and that is tanks struggle more then attack speed counter parts due to not doing as much damage to them and especially in early game where a tank doesn't really have any tankiness and the hunters talisman/machete passive should have a different version for each of the roles like a a mini thornmail passive for just jungle creeps for tanks and it feels extremely hard to catch up when your team ends up falling behind especially on tank or ap junglers as their stats don't help them farm the jungle as quick as AD/AS champions especially when you lose any of your turrets early either from 4 man bot to abuse the fact bot tower has weaker defences to get the first tower gold it then translates to you losing half your jungle to the enemy or your adc that just wants every drop of gold that they can get despite how much more you are struggling to even be of help.
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