Hard stuck in diamond 4

Hi there and thank you for you time. This sesson I reache diamond 2 and I lost promo for d1 and after that I start to lose almost every game.At the moment I m stuck in diamond 4 it feels like every time I m 1vs9.I don t wanna bleme my teammates but they really give me a hard time.I m stuck in d4 from 3 weeks I think.Its really frustating cuz I can t win anygame.It really dosen t matter what am doing I m losing anyway .I was on 55 win rate overall and 57 with my poppy I main her New I have 49 win rate overall.I main top and my secound its mid lane.If you can give some advices I will very muche appreciate. Thank you very muche and I wish you a good day.

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