What's going on with ranked?

Hey. I just wanted to ask if someone is experiencing something failliar. I finished the season as plat 1 100LP and climbed to diamond in preseason. Now, I'm stuck in gold. I feel like the new ranked system is mixing players with different skill levels, like it doesnt matter if you have 20% winrate, you still gain over 20LP for a win and this results in gold-plat elo being mixed with silvers and diamonds. Also, the gameplay has changed and this is what's getting me really annoyed. The bounty system is rewarding players who play bad. I can lead whole game and solo the enemy team, but give them 2 teammates' bounties and they are suddenly outscaling us. Pick a tank top, feed, get 2 tank items and start carrying the game- this is what is happening right now. Anyone else feeling this?
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