Silver is tough as nails.

Hi guys, I'm not the best player. I main support, because it suits my mentality - I'm not an overly aggressive guy, I like to think ahead and plan for the future - I adopt this mentality in everyday life, so naturally I bring it to league. I'd consider myself to be pretty positive too, my life has had a lot of ups and downs and I've come through it all with a 'It always gets better' attitude - I like to bring that to league. I can hold my own in top/mid/adc roles. Meaning, while I might not hard carry - I certainly don't feed. With decent backup from the team I can carry, sure, but I'm not the player that's gonna steamroll into your lane and win the game for everyone. I believe in a team based strategy - That's how I play. As I said - I plan for the future, and my plan until I get back to college was to hit gold on league of legends. It's meaningless, sure, just a cosmetic luxury on a video game. But it's a goal I set for myself and I hate not achieving my goals. Season 7 has been my first real attempt to climb the ranked ladder. I've been having so much fun, climbing through bronze was a great experience. It taught me a lot about myself and the game - and I encountered some of the nicest players I've seen in 3/4 years of playing LoL. Silver, is where it all came crashing down though. I've read all the guides that tell you the game is 'all about you - if you lose it's your fault - no one will carry but you'. What about us support mains though? I don't know how I'm expected to hard carry a game as a champion designed to keep others alive - I am a person who is better suited to the 'healer' class in MMO's, I like being useful in ways that don't involve me personally snowballing - but rather ensuring others get their chance to snowball. I accept responsibility for my mistakes, I know when I've performed badly, I can accept that I'm not perfect - or even great at this game. But, what is going on in silver division? THREE times I have climbed from Silver IV to Silver III. THREE times I have encountered teams where after First Blood is called, that's it - game over! Often in Bronze I'd encounter games where my team would be down by 15 kills, and defending our inhibitors, only to pull it back in the 40th minute and win with a great team fight. Silver is won or lost in the first 10 minutes. 'First Blood' is a major factor in silver division. I've had players call for surrender immediately because of a good invade - An invade is like swapping an apple for an orange - yeah, they get a kill, but they're late to lane, probably without their summoners and they usually start with an odd ability to get this FB - Like Amumu starting with his bandage toss. FIRST BLOOD MEANS NOTHING! What brings this division down so much is the dying - not giving first blood! That doesn't matter - It's the 0/3/0 MF who's only strategy is to all in against the 3/0/1 Kalista. It's the jungle devoting all of his attention to this lost lane, and in effect offering their fed player MORE KILLS. It's winning a team fight, only for everyone to smash B and recall to buy their next {{item:1036}} while the enemies turrets/inhib/dragon stand undefended. It's the pettiness. It's your main pick being banned by a teammate accidentally - so you ban his pick in revenge - now you're both weak. It's telling the person who gave FB that they lost the game for everyone. Guys, I'm ashamed to admit that for the first time in months, I got into an argument with someone during a game last night - We didn't curse at each other but we argued over who's fault the loss was - mine or his. It was both of our faults - I couldn't accept that at the time though. I tried so hard in that game - Only to see a message pop up 'Mog, you suck hard'. What does that achieve? That instantly took any will I had to play and flushed it down the toilet. From the moment I saw that message I wanted to retaliate rather than play the game. I argued. I played worse. We lost. The truth is - You can't win on your own - It's not all about you carrying - It's not 100% your fault if you loss. This is a team game - Silver is what we make it - And we've made it into hell. I don't know if I will get out of this division. The thought of playing actually makes me aggravated. I used to feel excitement when I logged into a game - Now I feel anxiety and fear because I'm expecting one of THOSE games. Something needs to change. We need to change. I'm going to take a break from the game for the next few days because as you can tell from this post I am extremely tilted. Before I take a much needed hiatus I am imploring those of you in silver - Please guys, help make this division a better place to be. Most of us are stuck here - most of us will never get out of silver, so why not make it a friendly place to be. TL;DR Silver division in my opinion is WAY harder than it should be - while every loss is not 100% your fault - the state of Silver is. We, the community need to do something about it!
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