The game is FINE stop whining

Alrighty boards i rarely ever type something here but the time has come. This will be a long post but i try to split it up to focus on 3 different topics. Ever since the new season and the new que came those boards are daily filled with alot of whiny posts and the positive things about the game are missing. The community ingame is as always pretty bad but the boards have most of the time been a peaceful place to laugh at ban requests and give a friendly tip to a new player. This is no more, the boards are just as toxic as the ingame. This is something i beleive has to stop. So at the end of the work week i realized, hey it's time to look at whats good with s6 and find out that alot of people are happy, even tho the complainers are the once making their voice heard. As i see it there's 3 mayor topics appearing over and over. The dynamic que/solo que discussion, the x champion is op and the wards. Of those 3 the whole discussion around dynamic que and how it effects ranked are by far the biggest. I'm gonna guess abit here and add MY opinions, this is not fact or something stated by riot. But the main issue with the ranked que from the previous seasons in my eyes was that it was very hard to constantly play 5v5, sure if u are a wellknown team i guess it's easy, but for the average player that spends max 10 hours a week in league it was very hard to ever play as a 5 man premade. This led to most teams being inactive and hardly ever playing after the first two days. This was the case with the 20+ different teams i joined during my many years in league. Not once did i play in a team for over 2 weeks. It was always one guy missing. This is for me the best part with dynamic que, i don't need my whole team, i can play with my support and practice botlane. Sure it's not the same 5, but if u get those same 5 online u can still play ranked 5v5. This is possibly the most mindblowing part of the discussion, people claim 5v5 ranked is gone? I ensure u thta if u que up as 5 u will face another 5. Keep doing only this and u have the same old 5v5. As for dynamic que in ranked... Every single season people been whining on mmr and unfair matchmaking. This is no exception, jsut that people found a new thing to blame. Anything is better to blame then your own skill level isn't it? Let me spell it out to u. If u are stuck in whatever tier this season, it's not because the matchamking or the dynamic que, it's cous u need to stop finding excuses and step up your game. Simple as that. At the end of the day i think dynamic que solved alot of problems, people rarely troll over a roll, u don't get firsttime support players and people seem more confident in their champs playing something they are good at trying to get s rank or higher mastery. This is a good thing as many games in the past was over before loadcsreen even started. As an extra bonus sometime during this summer we will get a /remake option, if someone fails to connect. Tl/dr for those of us that actually like this new que and like getting the role we play most of the time it's time to give a cheer for riot and look forward to the NA lcs and worlds. Moving on i find it hilarious that people still claim x champ is op and meta is all about snowball now. This is simply not true. The game conect is the same as it always been. Sure some champs are op, but this has always been the case. Every single season had multiple strong champs and a different meta to fit different players. But at the end of the day, if u play a champ good it's enough to carry u far enough regardless of meta or op picks. I found that point and click cc champs are very strong for the average gamer and i got to dia twice with such champs and i'm really the average gamer, if i can do it, anyone can. Lastly a short point about wards, i still haven't heard one convicning argument on why the freewards are bad. To save gold on wards to spend on items and to let everyone ward lights up the map more. It also makes jungling a lil bit harder as every lane is warded. If u have convicning and constructive feedback on why the que the champs or the wards are good/bad feel free to comment and i try to join u in the discussion. At the end of the day i like to wish u a happy weekend and a great summer and a special thx to riot for all the great years in this game. With hopefully many more to come. Peace

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