What champion do you think i should use for a good teamcomp?

Hello (Im lvl 23 so the games i play are all simple normal blind plick games) My best friend always goes yasuo mid my brother goes adc usually as corki and his classmate is his support takeing champs like sion or alistar The roles i play in thiese games are top or jungle (mostly top but i can go jg too) For top i use aatrox zed pantheon shyvana And for jungle i mainly pick aatrox and early ganks are neseciary for my mid yas (as my friend play very agressive early) I would like to ask if there would be any better choices for champion that i could pick For top my enemy laner is 95% teemo or garen i very rarely see anybody else And as jg aatrox jax is the bigest threat to me even thou that is kind of rare Thank you in advance for any help you could give ;)
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