Caitlyn's Yordle Snap Traps are analogous for the racist police assault epidemic

Caitlyn is a champion whose backstory is being a police officer by trade. Her W ability, Yordle Snap Trap, clearly indicates that it's meant to harm yordles specifically. Considering the greater overall context of police happenings around the world, the implication that a police officer champion has an ability that's specifically designed to target yordles, who are often victims of negative sentiment and hateful commentary from other champions' interactive dialogue as heard in their in-game voice lines, as usual seems to portray something of a parallel between League's fictional universe, and the systematic ethnic or racial hatred that plagues and degrades human society in modern-day reality. Personally I would like to suggest that if Caitlyn were an actual police officer in reality rather than fiction, should she really be designing her weaponry to specifically target champions of a certain heritage or of a specific cultural identity? This is something that may be on the forefront of cultural awareness but lingers only in the background of the League of Legends community, where intercultural fears are somewhat downplayed, where toxicity is regarded as low-key flame, and where ethnic cleansings are considered to be a cultural normative. So, just sharing my thoughts on this matter. In summation, Caitlyn's W ability Yordle Snap Trap is blatantly targeting violence at a certain ethnic group on Summoner's Rift, and Caitlyn's portrayal as a law enforcement agent vitally perpetuates the stereotype that police officers are bound to pursue systematic anti-racial violence, which while quite an insight on the reality of current-world law enforcement tropes, it does nothing to halt the government-imposed ethnic cleansings that have continually ruined real-world communities throughout the history of humanity, and destroyed people's actual ability to live their lives peacefully without the constant threat of violent government assaults.
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