Yeah... So this guy is actually broke OP. League has been around for 10 years now and Riot still can't balance a champion before they release them, it's actually hilarious. Sett's kit is EXACTLY the kind of kit I LOVE! He wants to be in your face beating you up and he does JUST that. What about him is so broke though, you ask? Well, you think you're about to kill me? Guess again 10K shield and 9 million true damage to your face. Oh, and the ult? Yeah 1v1 or 1v5, that ult does some dirty damage. You wanna CC me? Guess again I have too much tenacity! MAJOR KEK I'M IN YOUR FACE! You wanna counter pick me? HA good luck I'm uncounterable coz I just avoid you, get fed and then beat you up later! Sett. Is. Broken. And I love it.
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