Lose lane win game Vayne...

I honestly don't get this champion and have never gotten this champion. Every enemy Vayne I encounter gets 0 to 2 kills in laning phase and dies between 8 to 21 times. Late game the same Vayne has the same amount of deaths but at least 10 kills and then proceeds to win the game singlehandedly. I know you can try and stop her from farming but it's hard when you have to team fight, push, counterpush, ward objectives, get objectives, etc...This has always been like this. Eversince I started playing League of Legends it's been like this. I didn't start out that long ago, I started playing in late Season 4. But it's Season 8. Why is Vayne still the same? Why can Vayne lose lane and then not just win but CARRY the game? Genuinely confused.
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