Did everything by the book and still got destroyed :( Advice needed.

Key guys , so here is the deal, I have been playing since season 1, mostly in and out of league until season 5 where i really started getting into it, the highest i have been has been high plat and that's about that. Since season 5 i have been an ADC main, I perfected it to a point where i hardly loose a lane, but i encountered a problem where i just didn't have enough impact on the game win or loose lane (unless it goes to the ultra late game and i actually do something then). So people told me that Ad's were in a bad spot and that i should switch to a different role. So i said %%% it, and re rolled to Top lane. At first i was only playing tanks, and somehow even doe i won my lane most of the time i still could not manage to win most of my games. So i asked the community again and they told me "Tanks can't affect the game enough, they cant snowball enough , switch to a champ that has a very strong snowball potential" And so i did, and here is where i am now. I main Fiora top, i played almost 200 games on her and I think I have got the hang of every little bit of that champion. I ALWAYS win lane, no exceptions, and 99% of the time not just win but completely dominate the enemy laner, 9 out of 10 games i get like 4 kills by the 8th minute of the game. My cs is Decent , i try to go for 80 by the 10 min mark, I always deny the enemy cs so hes at least 2 lvl's bellow me , i 2v1 him and the jungler and so on. Also i don't just chill top, i try and go for the first turret ASAP and right after TP ether bot or mid, and help them push their tower and it almost always works, and from there i roam a lot, deny the enemy as much turrets as i can get to , and generally try to make a lot of picks in the enemy jungle. And after ALL of this. I still loose games , and not just loose a few games, i just suffered from a 15 game loose streak. Every single one of those games i was doing amazing. I have Wins streaks too, but somehow i just don't climb elo. Weather its bot feeding the enemy hyper carry to the point where he does a metric A S S ton of dmg and one shot's me, or its the mid lane who fed the enemy fizz to the point where he goes to our bot and gets a double by pressing E OR a very bad decision by one of our carries in the late game or just plain giving up and not cooperating what so ever.. **It doesn't even matter whats the cause, because on a bigger picture, i am literally ether slowly dropping elo, or standing still, and it has been like this for months now. I would appreciate any sort of friendly advice on what i should change or whatever.. Thank you. **
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