really disapointed in the Evelynn rework

the new evelynn rework doesnt feel like evelynn anymore, with this rework riot has changed so much about the cahracter they may as well have just made a new one lets start with basics, evelynn is one of the few remaining hybrid characters, her being a hybrid character is one of the things people loved about her as it gave her huge build diversity, she could build ap assasin, ad auto attacker, bruiser/diver. she had ap and ad scaling on her kit and an attack speed boost an that was one of her key charms, the rework has removed all her ad scaling and removed the attack speed boost meaning she is now nothing but yet another pure ap assassin evelynn has also always had incredible engage but relativly poor disengage, this meant she was far more punishable then other melee assassins meaning she had to think more carefully about her positioning and when to engage, the rework has changed her so she now has weak engage with AMAZING disengage on her execute ult pushing her playstyle far closer to someone like Zed's then what it is currently, once again removing one of the charms of evelynns kit when it comes to dealing damage evelynn had weaker burst then other assassins, she would often play far more like a chase/beat down character then an instakill assassin, using her w to keep close her ult to protect6 her and slow her opponent while the consistent damage from her q and autos allowed her to beat down her target, rework evelynn has NO chase potential and NO consistent damage, all of her damage is front loaded with longer cooldowns meaning after she now has long periods where she does nothing but sit and wait for things to come off cooldown, she uses her burst and then gets out nothing like the current live evelynn who has no downtime and is largely forced to stay in the fight, once again removing one of the charms of her kit, one of the things that made evelynn evelynn. i will commend riot for the passive change, while changing it from mana regen to health regen is a bit odd in my opinion delaying the stealth to level 6 makes sense to me as it removes her oppressive early game and no longer forces the enemy team to by control wards early in the game when every bit of money counts but at the same time i have to wonder what they were thinking with the rest of the kit, it plays NOTHING like live evelynn with none of the charm versatility or playstyle that live evelynn currently enjoys and it wont solve any of her problems, the core issue with evelynn is her permanent stealth, it means that if her burst is too high she becomes completly anti fun to play against because there is nothing a squishy target can do before they are dead, by forcing evelynn to be NOTHING but a high burst assassin they are only feeding this issue, if her burst is good enough to kill someone in a single combo she will be completly oppressive with next to no counterplay and next to no ability to punish her because of her easy escape on her ult, if her damage isn't good enough to kill with a single combo she becomes effectivly worthless as her ult removes her from the fight and she has nothing but damage to contribute TLDR: the reworked evelynn doesnt play remotly like live evelynn her diver/chaser playstyle replaced entirely for yet another pure burst assassin she has no hybrid scaling anymore and no attackspeed on her kit meaning she is now pisgeonholed into one build where previously she was one of if not the highest build diversity character in the game her engage/disengage strength and how she starts/ends fights has been complelty swapped round once again driving her away from what evelynn currently is and pushing her to be more like any other boring execute assassin she may end up being a viable champion, but shes not evelynn anymore, shes a completly different character with a completly different playstyle and on top of that i would not be suprised at all if she ends up getting the same treatment she got all those years ago, where riot realise as a full burst assassin with an easy escape she is cancerous to play against and so nerf her into the ground until they get round to reworking her again so long evelynn, i loved playing you, i loved you build diversity and the way you chased down enemies, i loved the way you were one of the last truely hybrid champions left in the game and its sad to see you become just another generic pure AP assassin with none of the charms you once had
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