This may seem noobish to some people but....

Why do I not see ekko played that often? His kit is, theoretically, op. Passive: Huge movement speed boost and tons of dmg with a relatively low cooldown Q: applies a slow and (if used right) can trigger two procs of his passive W: enemies can only see this 0.5 seconds before it it applies a slow and if ekko walks inside of it they get stunned. Passive also deals more dmg to enemies below 30% hp (I think) E: first dashes then blinks on his next aa. Blink is an empowered aa so it can trigger on hit spell effects (ludens, etc) and both parts can b used to traverse terrain R: deals MASSIVE damage and heals for huge amounts. Its basically a redo button I know that there will be a challenger or something that will tell me exactly why ekko doesn't get played as much as a zed or yasuo, possibly his difficulty but then it would be the same case as azir who (I'm pretty sure anyway) is the hardest champ to play in league currently. I'm still unaware of why though, so someone please inform me on why I rarely see ekkos (other than my own because I currently main him)
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