Stop supporting League Of Legends until...

Hi. I'm sorry for writing this thread, but I'm angry with Riot. I don't play much, it's is hard with a fast way of living and working. And when I have some spare time to play and relax, client doesn't work. It feels preety damn bad, to be honest. I have two accs with 250+ skins, spent how knows how much money on this game and I feel cheated. Last year is so darn bad for this game. I feel like its not worth the money I put in it. And that is the reason I won't buy any rp or skins until this client and atleast few ingame bugs are fixed. **If I may ask you, fellow summoners, stop buying rp for a month, two months or until atleast client is fixed**. After playing this game almost 10 years, I really don't want it to die... It feels really bad. After getting Marver onboard with comic (*fanboy screaming) I was so darn happy. Maybe even in the future we get something like Avengers movie series about lol universe. I hope that happens. And I hope that there will still be some players left that are playing this game. If Devs need help, there are a lot of programmers, frontend devs.... whoever you want playing this game. If you want some help with artworks and skin development, call out to your community. We will help. Please atleast don't release unfinished skins. It feels like we are beeing cheated. Please, please, please don't ruin this beaudiful universe you have been building last 10 years. Call out to your community and we will help. Whatever you need. Just please don't f... this up. Kind regards, Mario P.S. I use {{summoner:4}} on D {{sticker:katarina-love}}

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