[Thought] Bard's W healing could be much powerful

Whenever I play Bard {{champion:432}} I feel that his W is a very weak spell. Let's examine what his W does: > Heals for low amount of health > Increases speed for a short time > Can be placed on a ground and charged with time So basically it's like the Kayle's heal. The difference is that it's just can be placed on a ground. But I believe Kayle's heal much more powerful. So what's the point in Bard's heal? **_Spells should be special_** The special thing about Bard's heal is that he can place his healing shrine on a ground. Well that's quite unique. Moreover enemies can destroy Bard's shrines by treading on it. **_Does it work well?_** I don't think so. As I wrote above Bard's heal is very weak. So shrines feel quite useless. Enemies ain't satisfied with destroying shrines too. **_Let's imagine if Bard's heal would be 2 times much powerful while not charged and 4 times much powerful while charged_** Now you feel that it's an important thing. And you can feel the reward after waiting it charging. Also it makes it a competitive heal compared to other heals. Now we fixed the unique feature of the Bard's shrines. It's very powerful but you have to wait until it's charged. Also it can be destroyed by enemies because they know that it's very powerful. And enemies will be satisfied much more if they destroyed Bard's shrines. Moreover you can now bait enemies with shrines because they have a high value. **_I know you can just place them behind the turrets_** But turrets aren't eternal. Also fight places are constantly changing. Moreover sometimes enemies can see where exactly you go to pick the heal up so they can skill shot you. I think that's fair enough. **__Conclusion__** I think Bard's W could be much powerful. May be not by 4 times. But it should be buffed in my opinion.

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