The Biggest %%%% Up in Rito's Track Record

Fire your balancing team on the spot for this shitstorm ! For years Rito has forced upon the players into creating these roles, and now with one major sweep it deleted an entire role. For the past few days ranked feels like absolute shitstorm. The fact that one role has been rendered completely useless, on top of the other balancing issues has singlehandedly created the biggest mess. This can be compared only by the plague of WoW. You tried so carefully to tell us how to play this game that now everything crumbled into chaos. I wish I was exaggerating but for the past few days what I'm witnessing is pure horseshit in ranked. Just delete the last few patches. You killed mages waveclear, you killed adc, you gave everyone so much passive gold and support item income that now a jungler support with no farm or kills actually works. Who the %%%% said yes to this. How the %%%% can almost every game be decided in the first 10 min. 15 min inhibitor %%%%% wtf ?!?!?! Trolls, afks and toxic players are running rampart with random Elise + Vlad bots going 0/12. I genuinely will stop playing ranked for a while, there is 0 point. Unless you can somehow utilize a broken strategy or an op champion there is no point of even trying. Rito better fix this shit, it's way too close to other new games being released. Also Battle For Azeroth is coming and it seems Blizz have done a decent job. Very poor timing to cock things up like this. You quickly rose to power Rito and you can fall just as quickly, keep that in mind. We don't want to see some random LoL developers begging for spare change in a couple of months, the aftermath of this bullshit.
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