Master Yi got Sejuani'd

Hello. there is one thought i have to share about Master Yi. But i will start with a bit of history {{champion:113}} was slightly below average prior to Cinderhulk release. The item was very strong when it was released and addressed all the issues Sejuani was struggling with and gave her easier access to her undeniable assets. Sejuani went rampant- from below average to pick or ban and recieved some well deserved nerfs. However later on Devs came to the conclusion that cindehulk in itself was OP and nerfed it (as jungle tanks in general were thriving more than the game could handle it). {{champion:113}} got royally screwed by this. TL'DR: She was slightly underpowered. Then the broken item made her OP. She wasnerfed to be balanced around the item, and then the item got nerfed, leaving Sejuani weaker than she used to be prior to all these crazy cinderhulk balancing. Sadly, this is the fate of{{champion:11}} right now. {{champion:11}} was a pretty healthy champion prior to preseason. The introduction of several changes, most notably the new rageblade and its synergy with sated devourer enchantment and the fervor for battle keystone had opened a built path for master Yi in which a player focused on getting strong on hit effects while building mostly defensive. This build WAS STUPIDLY OVERPOWERED as there was very little to no counterplay against a Yi that had completed his core build, not even mentioning the full build. {{champion:11}} got nerfed by hitting his E. Now requires a player to build a stupid amount of AD to get the old values of true damage, and early on it is almost always lower, hitting his clearing power and midgame ganking prowess (for those who do not play Yi- midgame is the part of the game where Master Yi usually starts playing actively and attempts to set up his ramp into lategame by getting some kills). Then his R got nerfed, increasing its cooldown (less oportunities to be active) and lowering its duration (less potential for catching people with their pants down). This has pretty much put Master Yi in his place. {{champion:11}} shared the fate of Sejuani, as the game context that he was balanced around was removed with rageblade cost efficiency addressed and the removal of sated devourer. He is in worse state that he was before, and before changes he was not op at all. barely balanced. And now he is underpowered in every way. You know what? I would love to play {{champion:11}} from the day when he was following the AD path with Spirit of the Elder Lizard a lifesteal item and the old {{item:3142}} . which was fair. However I cannot, because of Master Yi's overnerfed state. Makes me sad PS. To a degree it was a fate of {{champion:33}} too. In this case however he was not op by himself, but the preseason 3ADC meta made the entire game an enviorment where Rammus could thrive in. Rammus got a little bit nerfed and then AD carries were brought back to the balanced state, making Rammus the same niche pick he used to be, but sightly weaker. However, since his nerf was not a massive one his example is not as drastic

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