How do I discourage my jungler from ganking at a bad time?

Hello all, There have been many times recently where I've had junglers trying to gank my lane when the time is simply not right from my perspective. Whether there be a huge minion wave at my turret and I'm low HP, or be it that my jungler is severely underleveled or too low HP to successfully pull off a gank. For the sake of the argument, let's consider it a given that the situation is not suitable for a gank. How do I politely, and most importantly, successfully, dissuade my jungler from ganking my lane? I've tried telling them politely in chat (e.g. "Please don't gank now: *insert reason*") but it rarely (if ever) seems to work. Combining it with pings also hasn't been working when trying to get my jungler to stop the gank, even if I notify them way before they actually start to get into position. I'd like to hear (especially from junglers) in what way you guys prefer to be told that a gank is not a good idea, because I've found myself losing a significant amount of games when I force myself to help in a gank that I already know is going to result in a double kill for the enemy. Any and all answers are appreciated! Thank you in advance!
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