Preseason is so broken and I love it

So, Sona is broken in teamfights with her damage in lanning phase and heals in mid to lategame, kog'maw is back at it again with breaking the sound barrier with his attack speed, zed, kat and talon oneshotting (as they should not being cockblocked by 100000 shields *cough cough* peel supports jannas and shizz). Overall the preseason brought so many quirky builds around and I love every second of it. Even when I am getting destroyed by something broken I think( Man I need to try that next game). Example: I played a few games and I noticed how strong Karma is, now obviously I didn't have Karma but I suggested my duo q to play it since he plays mid and supp, and the guy was popping off! It's unreal and mind fc*s me how people complain that this is preseason is broken when the simplest option is, abuse it while it lasts. Soon enough we will go into the season where things will be normal again and no quirky stuff will happen anymore. If anything I complain about the things that are underpowered so that we can try them as well when they become strong. But till then, I will still abuse the freelo stuff with the one shots Wukong, the Diana, breaking the sound barrier with Azir, being insanely tanky with Sion, doing unreal damage with Illaoi and so on and so forth. For all the people complaining about the broken stuff and refuse to enjoy the game, please quit League :D
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