Matchmaking system needs crucial update (Dodges/AFK/Leavers must not give you full LP loss)

Problem is that climbing through S3-G1 is incredibly random. During my last 100 games approximately each 4th game has a person in it who ruins the whole ranked game. Accidental disconnection/ ragequitting/ abusing other players and intentional feeding /someone picks yumi (and loses the game xD) It's not a secret that percentage of games won while playing 4v5 is very low. Yet if I have a promotion. I had games, with 2 ppl leaving or ragequtting during a promo. Guess what? It was a loss. Why don't we soften LP loss for such games? Why don't 4 players lose -10LP instead of -20 when they got a leaver? Why don't people get LP boost, when some case of having intentional feeder at previous game was resolved? The community is very toxic at ranked soloqueues at the moment and bans just make people making a new account. You are a feeder? Get an LP penalty (halven ratio for next 5 games) You play sportsmanlike and get honors? Get an LP boost. I have been playing since S2 and I have got not a single penalty during theese years, and guess what? I do not feel motivated to treat people nicely anymore: it's just not rewarding. If system doesn't change I will behave exactly nonsportmalike: fast surrenders, no tryharding, queue dodging, mute/all e.t.c I see no way to climb depending on my own skill, because loss/win streaks are totaly random at the momet: there were tons of games in a row, where I was winning the lane yet losing the game, because som top-palyer decided to int, because jungler doesn't gank him. The only justice I have got, is that sometimes it happens to enemy team. **** this! Reward people for being sportsmanlike. Let them climb. Punish people for being toxic! I AM TIRED TO READ "REPORT MY %lanename% HE IS NOT GANKING ME" each ******ing game. I'm 30 y old. I want to play competitive games, not to be a toxic kindergarden babysitter.
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