ARURF [Rant]

First of all, this is a rant and a hate fueled one so if you're here looking for well made arguments, they're in there somewhere but know that most of it is just me venting all my frustration about this entire game. Honestly, Riot has stated before how they dont enjoy putting URF out there since it makes people quit and I never quite understood that mentality. ARURF made me get that mentality. There is nothing more frustrating than going into a game, looking at the loading screen and already knowing if you won or lost. Nearly every game I've played in this gamemode has been a one sides stomp either by mine or the opposing team because the champ select phase just ends the game, all you need is a few solid picks and you're done. And honestly I wouldn't mind this in a draft system, if I get stomped it's because I made the wrong call in my picks and bans but in ARURF all of that is thrown out for a total RNG system that can still be abused by people who optimize their accounts for ARAM. And some people may say, well its not about winning or losing, it's about having fun but quite honestly no because the system has a solid chance to give either team a 5 man god send which completely guts the enemies chance at even competing, changing the game from a fun and fast game mode to a quick 15 minutes review on how all gray tones effect the various points in the map. And the damage Meta honestly doesn't help here. Ever thought that assassins were annoying to deal with? Watch them now use their 0.1 sec burst on a 5 second cooldown throughout your entire team, It's insane and again I wouldn't mind this if these type of teams weren't created purely through RNG because then I could atleast pick accordingly or ban whatever champion I'd rather not see but apparently that would be an issue according to Riot as they'd rather leave everything up to random chance because surely, a system that is completely out of the control of players would create the least frustrating experience of all.
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