league is dying and not fun anymore

I'm Done With League of Legends
Thanks for all of your support over the years baby.
hello there! i also used this as a ticket to riot support but i wanted to share it with this community because i think games are supposed to be fun and make you have a good time and not make you feel bad ...i also think you should be allowed to make fun of your teammates tell them what they are doing wrong and eventually call the ff when the enemy team is just playing better have better teamplay or combos instead of wasting time in a obviously lost game.... i also wanted to share this because im not sure if riot support even cares anymore or will answer my ticked also they might remove this because they dont want anyone to know what is happening everywhere in low elo right now as the players dont enjoy the game anymore as its the era of metaslaves people going afk and trolling or the game just having 100 issues already but hey im not the one to judge or am I? my account has been permanently banned and the riot review tells me that it happened because of my "negative" chatlogs ...as a player that always tried to adapt to the increasingly stricter rules concerning inappropriate language i know the line between criticizing your teammates for their mistakes and actually beeing toxic. and the reason im writing to riot support now is that i believe was not consistently beeing toxic over the time of many games , neither was it so severe that you could say i deserved to get banned because of one single game, and therefore i would like to discuss the chat logs with you because it has a whole different meaning if i can give you insights into what the game situation was at that time......and yes i dont think my negative behaviour in chat was ok ,but i got the right to defend myself and speak my mind about it. i would like to start with the last ( GAME 3 ) in which the review was convinced that my "chatting" has been inappropriate : i do this because in this game there was the least negative impact from me PRE GAME : I was not toxic or flaming just telling my teammates to at least pick 1 Attack damage champion as i was veigar mid and my bot jungle and top all decided to pick ap too (which is in my opinion straight up giving the game away ) so you see i just wanted us all to have fun and win the game .. IN GAME : i was mad about my jungler because he or she was basically afk while the enemy jungler ganked all lanes and had twice as much farm...i wrote this in team chat and that it would probably be wiser to ff/surrender in order to save us all some time because as i said i thought my jungler had severe connection problems /was not interested to win this game. i was trying to convince my team writing that my jungler was 0 6 i did this not because i wanted to blame him but because i did not want to stay in a lost game. as the game proceeded it was very obvious that my full ap team had no chance to win the game and i told them that saying " 2/7 2/8 how can you not ff " -to my botlane and i also said 2 v 5 in this regard because at this point it was only me and my toplaner left and we tried to keep the game running and not giving up. AFTER GAME : i get it it was not a nice thing to write "not a well deserved win but a well deserved loss" but i was simply angry about the fact that me and my toplane were trying so hard to stall the game and my team did nothing to get even in farm but continued to intentionally feed... GAME 2 PRE GAME : this game i have to say went very poorly from the start on...you have to know i have been playing since season 4 and am very experienced but also very serious about this game and therefore i try to get the upper hand in every teamfight ...but as i saw that my team was basically throwing the game in champ select picking teemo jungle and kayn top i was very bored because i knew that we had no chance (i know you think im negative here but in low elo /gold 5 the better combo team wins most of the time ) also the enemy team had huge cc and tanks to just rush into our team and turn us to dust as we had no frontline... IN GAME : in this game i was using some swear words and im not proud of that but in this context which i just explained its like NOTHING ...all the stuff these players tried to get me TILTED its UNREAL like if they know ok we have %%%%ed up by picking this bad bad team and now our midlaner is angry JUST MUTE ME like come on. im just a human beeing how would you feel if you knew you were not only going to lose with certainty but also you would have to wait all the time til its over...and my team did not surrender they wanted to force me to feel bad about their troll picks , they wanted me to waste my time and they wanted me to get mad at them POST GAME : that is the reason i was asking kaisa if it was worth wasting all the time as she refused to surrender and as she flamed me, telling her " what now kaisa you LOSE" GAME 1 PRE GAME : --- IN GAME : the game was going well except i think i was veigar mid vs talon and the enemy kayn was ganking me 24/7 i was not too concerned about this as im used to playing mid 2 v 1 but then it happened ..i was pushing a little bit too far and suddenly talon out of his r stealth and kayn at the same time (also in stealth) instantly nuked me ...and i was wondering : what was that...because im in gold 4 and these guys just killed me with perfect synergy and timing ...then i looked at the team tags and see my botlane is premade and they did not tell me like at all....but that was not all, also this soraka and lucian were already giving away free kills (lucian already beeing 0 3 and losing his lane 1 v1 ca 10 minutes into the game) as i got very angry about them literally INTING i wrote " lucian you are dog shit" i know thats a rather heavy insult but that was IT and i told my team I CANT WIN 1 v 3 I CANT ...and all this lucian said was that he and his premade were going to report me so i would get banned. ok i was thinking if im getting reported anyway and im all alone versus the enemy team getting flamed all the time why should i bother to win this game for these people...like ...thats what anyone would do in this situation im not a white knight im not the guy that never gets tilted and im not the most positive person because if i was i would not be stuck in gold with all the other people which are ALL more or less NEGATIVE POST GAME: i remember lucian finishing the game with 14 deaths ...of course i did not care much about the game and sold my items for tears when it was 100% sure that it was lost..and of course riot games OF COURSE until this very day lucian and his premade are playing some more games...after all they did after the int after the insults after them beeing convinced that they can do whatever they want juts because they are premade ...and im here with my account permanently banned . to be honest because i broke the "law" and was negative yet again and to be honest after i gave up on a game beeing at a all time low and maybe even after ruining the fun for the decent people in my team. but you have to agree that it was basically THIS ONE GAME and it was like 30% my fault..... I DID NOT DEMORALIZE MY TEAM.....i started blaming when it was already LOST and i agree that i wanted lucian to feel bad but only him because he never helped he never told me he was premade and he insulted me saying "i will report you"
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