Aurelion Sol rework

One of my favorite champions in terms of design and lore is the aurelion sol, but in game aurelion is not as strong as it should be and this is due to the skill kit he has. so I thought how I could improve it. His passive would become his E, but it would only activate after aurelion walk in a straight line for a few seconds, like the Taliyah passive. this would help to remain the ability he has to go help other lanes. His Q would still be the same, but maybe with an instantaneous cast. His W would be the same but by leveling up, aurelion maybe would gain more stars. His E would become his current R, because one of the problems aurelion has, is not having a great way to get rid of champions that are close to him, only whit is ult but it has a lot of cooldown. And for last, his R would be the ability I called **star's death**. Aurelion would place a giant star that as time goes by, it would start pulling all the champions closer to it until it explodes dealing damage to all chmapions in the area. It would work like nunu's ult. I hope you liked my idea, Tiago aka flashsousa

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