This game is too hard to carry...

My last match from MY match history: I'm the Katarina obviously. Shaco went AFK mid match for no reason, when came back just trolled and baited my teammates to suicidal fights. Kalista just refused to teamwork... She just kept pushing a lane and over extending (even though we told her and pinged her to fall back) until she died. Ekko, since he was really fed, thought he can kill anyone, which came out to not be true. I seriously asked my teammates to group and finish the game, since we had MASSIVE gold advantage throughout the match. Sadly, my calls were ignored and the result was a defeat. Thing is, these things happen way too often. I see people saying they're smurf and get angry at every mistake somebody makes, but then refuse to play as a team for a victory. It's too hard to solo carry, I want to keep on playing, but don't want my W/L go under 2:1 (which right is a bit under).
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