Advices on ADC!

Hey guys! I'd like to begin by telling a little bit about myself. I'm Silver V (Solo/Duo Q) player which mostly plays ADC (Jhin, Tristana, Jinx, Draven) and I started at the end of Season 2. I can't progress while playing against players of my tier (Silver). However, if I play with Gold-Plats, I learn from them and I think I could reach their division in 1-2 Seasons while playing vs them. So thanks to Flex Q, which I finished 8-2 and got placed into Silver I, I got a wonderful oppurtunity to learn-I'm getting matched vs Mid Golds-Low Diamonds. Most of the games I won my lane, did decently. So now I don't want to waste this opportunity ( I don't want to fall to Silver MMR) and I'd like to maintain my MMR. So here I am. I would like to hear all kind of advice from you guys, from map control to ADC playing. Thanks in advance!
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